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Cosmic Coasters

The problem with teleportation is that it's a one-way trip. You've transported a ship to an enemy planet – now what? Simple... just take control of their teleporter and use it to beam back home. The problem is, you have to pretty much wipe them out to do so.

Cosmic Coasters is a fast and easy two-player game of interplanetary conquest played using coins on this set of 4 small round gameboards (which can also be used as beverage coasters).

Each player chooses a planet from four available coasters depicting the moons of Jupiter (real full-color NASA images!) Each one has it's own power that lets you tweak the rules in some special way. Pit different powers against each other to see how they fare!

Check out the rules for Lunar Invaders to see how to adapt it into a pyramid games!

Number of Players: 2 players
Ages: 8 to adult
Game Length: 10-20 mins


2001 Origins Award Winner (Abstract Board Game)

More Information:

Price: $5.00


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