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Seven Dragons
Seven Dragons is a fast domino-like game, where players attempt to be the first to create a connected territory of seven panels of their dragon. Secret Goals add the opportunity to bluff, and with aggressive Action cards in the mix, subterfuge is a necessity! Seven Dragons features original paintings by Larry Elmore, the greatest dragon artist in the fantasy industry today!

Each player is given a secret goal card of one of the five colored dragons: RED, GOLD, GREEN, BLUE, and BLACK. The cards are played on the table connected like dominoes, with each player trying to win by connecting seven panels of their dragon. Action cards allow players to shake up the action in five different ways and the WILD and SILVER dragons bring strategy to the table. The game is fast, fun, colorful, and easy to learn – with enough bluffing and strategy to keep things interesting right up to the end.

More Information:

Number of Players: 2-4 players
Ages: 6+
Game Length: 5-20 minutes

Price: $15.00


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