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Accessories.gif Enhance your game experience. Pick up a deluxe gameboard. Get rules and boards for more pyramid games! Booster packs or some extra cards will spice up your Fluxx or Chrononauts games!
  Promo & Literature Cards
  Single Replacement Pyramids
  Art Prints & Posters
Mammoth Fun Pack

This was our Holiday Gift for 2013. It includes one promo card from each of our new or repackaged releases that year: Fluxx: The Board Game, Choose One, Monster Fluxx, and Early American Chrononauts (promo also works in original Chrononauts).

Price: $2.00
Choose One Promo Pack

This is a pack of seven extra cards to add to your Choose One game. Great for handing out to people to give them an idea of how the game plays, or as a stocking stuffer or small gift for someone who already has the main game.

Price: $2.00
Pyramid Primer #1

Looking to get the most play out of your IceDice, Treehouse and pyramid stashes? Then this newly designed publication of pyramid games is perfect for you! Thirteen rules to pyramid games can be found inside, ranging in difficulty and number of players needed.

Price: $6.00
Lost Identities

This expansion pack (for original Chrononauts only, not EAC) contains 13 new ID cards, plus a new Mission, to mix into your game. Watch out for Crazy Joe, who wins with 13 paradoxes! more info

Price: $3.00
World War 5 Gameboard

Do you like Risk, but wish the games were about one tenth as long? WW5 is a world conquest game played on a simplified map using just three sets of Treehouse for the pieces! (NOTE: Treehouse pyramids not included.) more info

Price: $6.00
The Gore Years

The early years of the 21st century have been known as the Bush years, but to some time travelers, they were actually called the Gore years... This 11-card expansion pack brings your timeline alternatives up to 2008 and adds three new Identities that depend upon the new events. more info

Price: $3.00
5x5 Volcano Board

These sturdy and elegant 5x5 square boards are made of laser-cut acrylic. It takes five sets of Treehouse, plus one extra color to play Volcano. Rules are in the book Playing With Pyramids, or online. more info

Price: $20.00
Castle Expansion

You know you've always wanted a Castle! ...unfortunately it also comes with a pesky French Knight, who is sure to Taunt you mercilessly. Seven new cards to add to the insanity that is Monty Python Fluxx.
more info

Price: $3.00
Deluxe MegaVolcano Board

This versatile 6x6 board can also be used to play games requiring a smaller board, and has the same high quality construction as the 5x5 Deluxe Volcano board. MegaVolcano requires the equivalent of 10 monochrome stashes. more info

Price: $30.00
Fluxx Blanxx

Now you can add your own zany ideas to the crazy game of Fluxx! Each pack contains one of each of the five card types: Keeper, Creeper, New Rule, Action and Goal. Just grab your trusty permanent marker and customize the fun! Pick up some Surprise Blanxx too! more info

Price: $2.00
Deluxe 3x4 Board

These sturdy and elegant 3x4 square boards are made of laser-cut acrylic. They were designed for putting the "bank" of extra pyramids on for Homeworlds, but they are also great for Twin Win or other small pyramid games. more info

Price: $10.00
Jewish Fluxx Booster

This expansion pack contains seven cards to add to a regular Fluxx deck. The cards in this set include Jewish themes of The Torah and Shabbat and give the player a bonus for showing or knowing their Jewish heritage. more info

Price: $2.00
Martian Coasters

A zany little race across an ever-shifting grid of colorful squares! This is NOT a standalone product, one Treehouse set and a six sided die is also needed to play. more info

Price: $6.00
Christian Fluxx booster

This pack contains seven cards to add to a regular Fluxx deck. The cards in this set include Christian themes of The The Cross and The Story of Jesus and give the player a bonus for showing or knowing their Christian faith. more info

Price: $2.00
Something Extra

Was your game missing cards or pieces when you bought it? Have you lost some part of your game? We can probably help you out. If not enough room in the "what it is" box, put longer messages in the Special Instructions at checkout. More info

Price:  Free!
Zendo Beginner Rule Cards

Zendo is a game of inductive reasoning where players try to figure out what Rule causes certain pyramid arrangements to be marked black or white. This is an accessory – you will need other items to play. more info

Price:  Free!
Purple Bag

Carry your games in a Purple Looney Games bag! It turns out a 6-pack carrier is the perfect sized bag to carry your games. And it's waterproof! Give one as a gift! A must for the Looney Labs enthusiast. more info

Price: $10.00
The Empty City

A 152 page paperback novel, describing the fictional origins of the Icehouse (pyramid) gaming system. Enter a city where dreams blur with reality, and eccentric characters populate the diners and donut shops. more info

Price: $12.00

Eleven Little Black Squares – the exact number needed to take a 6x6 MegaVolcano Board and convert it to a regular 5x5 Volcano Board. Or make a custom size or shape board, or use them as game components, or... whatever you can think of! more info

Price: $2.00
Doorway Sticker

We use this doorway version of our logo in various places where we want a longer shape than our square logo, and we made a business-card-sized sticker of it to put on envelopes. Get some for yourself and Enter The World of Looney Games!

Price: $0.10
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