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Bulk Discount
BULK... almost by definition, it's more than one person needs. Perfect for when you're buying gifts or combining orders with a friend. These are items on which we offer discounts if you are purchasing them in sufficient quantity. It's a 20% discount, but the quantity necessary for the discount varies by product. In order to see the quantity breaks, you have to click down to the detail description. If there's a product you'd like to see us add a Bulk Discount to, contact us and we'll see what we can do.
  Cards available in bulk-packs
Bulk Discount
Fluxx Blanxx

Now you can add your own zany ideas to the crazy game of Fluxx! Each pack contains one of each of the five card types: Keeper, Creeper, New Rule, Action and Goal. Just grab your trusty permanent marker and customize the fun! Pick up some Surprise Blanxx too! more info

Price: $2.00
Castle Expansion

You know you've always wanted a Castle! ...unfortunately it also comes with a pesky French Knight, who is sure to Taunt you mercilessly. Seven new cards to add to the insanity that is Monty Python Fluxx.
more info

Price: $3.00

This is the old version. Gameplay is the same as the new edition, but art is all black and white, and there are fewer cards. Now marked down to $12.more info

Price: $12.00
Choose One Promo Pack

This is a pack of seven extra cards to add to your Choose One game. Great for handing out to people to give them an idea of how the game plays, or as a stocking stuffer or small gift for someone who already has the main game.

Price: $2.00
Mammoth Fun Pack

This was our Holiday Gift for 2013. It includes one promo card from each of our new or repackaged releases that year: Fluxx: The Board Game, Choose One, Monster Fluxx, and Early American Chrononauts (promo also works in original Chrononauts).

Price: $2.00
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