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Promo & Literature Cards
Add some extra cards to your Looney Labs games. These are cards we came out with for various promotional purposes, which we now sell as individual cards (or in expansion packs). If you don't see the card you're looking for here, check out our Official Guide to Looney Labs Promo Cards for more information on what's available in what way.

Cards priced at $1 are available at a quantity discount if you purchase in 25- or 12-packs (unless otherwise noted). Cheaper cards are also available in 25 packs, but there is no further discount.
Regular Show Fluxx™ Future Promo Pack

Mordecai and the Rigbys, future rock superstars, invade your Regular Show™ Fluxx deck with these seven promo cards!

Available only to customers with billing and shipping addresses within the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Price: $2.00
TableTop Day Tie-Dye Bonus Promo Postcard

This promo card works in any Fluxx deck.

It reads, "If you are wearing tie-dyed clothing of any kind, Draw and Play 1 extra card per turn."

Price: $1.00
Mammoth Fun Pack

This was our Holiday Gift for 2013. It includes one promo card from each of our new or repackaged releases that year: Fluxx: The Board Game, Choose One, Monster Fluxx, and Early American Chrononauts (promo also works in original Chrononauts).

Price: $2.00
Choose One Promo Pack

This is a pack of seven extra cards to add to your Choose One game. Great for handing out to people to give them an idea of how the game plays, or as a stocking stuffer or small gift for someone who already has the main game.

Price: $2.00
Castle Expansion

You know you've always wanted a Castle! ...unfortunately it also comes with a pesky French Knight, who is sure to Taunt you mercilessly. Seven new cards to add to the insanity that is Monty Python Fluxx.
more info

Price: $3.00
Hastur Promo Postcard

This is a Cthulhu-themed Creeper card that can be added to any Fluxx deck.

It reads, "You cannot win unless conditions say otherwise. The player who drew this card chooses a word. This card is instantly moved to anyone who speaks that word thereafter."

Price: $1.00
If I Only Knew the Words Promo Postcard

This is an Oz-inspired New Rule card that can be added to any Fluxx deck.

It reads, "If you sing a few bars of an Oz-themed song during your turn, draw 1 extra card. Draw another extra card if no one has yet used this song for this reason during this game."

Price: $1.00
The Android Doctor Promo Postcard

The Android Doctor is a Keeper for Star Fluxx that counts as the Robot or the Doctor, and can be used to cure Brain Parasites. It will not be useful in other versions of Fluxx. more info

Price: $1.00
Press Your Luck Promo Postcard

Press Your Luck is a Fluxx promo card that can be used in any version of the game. It reads:

"Reveal the top cards of the Draw Pile one at a time. At any point, you may stop and add the cards you revealed to your hand. However, as soon as you draw a Keeper or Creeper, you must stop. Place that card in front of you and discard all of the other cards you revealed." more info

Price: $1.00
Aquarius Dragon Promo Postcard

This is a card you can add to your Aquarius deck to alter the gameplay to resemble Seven Dragons.

more info

Price: $1.00
Shuffle Hands Promo Postcard

This is a card that you can add in to your Seven Dragons deck. It is an action that causes you to gather up all hands and redistribute them evenly, starting with yourself.

more info

Price: $1.00
Skullduggery Promo Postcard

This is a new type of card called a Surprise, which you can add to any Fluxx deck.

It says, "Out of turn: Cancel one game action of any kind that causes Keeper(s) on the table to change ownership. During your turn: Take a Keeper someone has on the table & add it to your hand." more info

Price: $1.00
Summer Vacation Promo Postcard

This is a Goal that you can add in to your Family Fluxx deck.

It says, "You win if you have the Tree, the Playground, and the Ball on the table in front of you."more info

Price: $1.00

This New Rule card works in any Fluxx deck.

It says, "Any time a numeral is seen on another card, add one to that numeral. For example, 1 becomes 2, while one remains one. This does affect the Basic Rules."

Price: $1.00
Talk Like A Martian

This special New Rule card works in any Fluxx deck.

It says: "If you speak with an outrageous Martian-sounding voice during your turn, Draw 1 extra card. Draw 2 extra cards if you've been continuing to use your alien accent since your previous turn."

more info

Price: $1.00
Time Vortex

This special Action card works in any Fluxx deck.

It says, "Gather up the cards from everyone's hands, shuffle them up (without looking), and deal them out evenly, starting with yourself." (Note: this card no longer includes the "Rabbit Promo" text on the stripe.) more info

Price: $1.00
The Star

This special Keeper card works ONLY in an original Fluxx deck.

The fine print says, "counts as either the Sun or the Moon."
more info

Price: $1.00

This special New Rule card works in any Fluxx deck.

It says, "Whenever you draw a card, you may choose to take the bottom card of the discard pile instead of the top card of the draw pile. It's OK to look at the bottom card first." more info

Price: $1.00
Xmas Tree

This special Goal card works ONLY in a Family Fluxx deck.

It says, "The player with the Gift and the Tree on the table wins." more info

Price: $1.00
Fruit Tree

This special Keeper card can be used in any Fluxx deck, but only if that deck has at least one other Tree Keeper and the promo card Goal called the Forest. more info

Price: $1.00
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