Martians & Dragons & Wizards, Oh My!

For those of you who haven't heard yet, 2021 is our 25th anniversary, and we're celebrating all year long! We'd love for you to join in the fun! In particular, come to some of our online events and/or join our rare item raffle! Basically, we are dedicating this year to our fans who have brought us this far and whom we consider family.

So when we sat down to think about our 2021 line-up of products, we really had you all in mind. We started with Fantasy Fluxx, a brand new title in a favorite "spoof" style. And now we are ready to announce that we are also bringing three fan-favorites out of the vault for a limited time! These three titles--Martian FluxxOz Fluxx, and Seven Dragons--will be available March 11th in many Friendly Local Game Stores. Oz Fluxx will also be in some Barnes & Noble stores, along with several other titles.

Usually by this time, with the launch less than 2 weeks out, we would be taking pre-orders for these games on our website, but not this time…  sorry!  We are hard at work on building a brand new webstore, and although we had hoped to have it ready by now to accept your pre-orders for these games that are coming out of the vault, we aren't quite there yet. You will be able to order the games once the new webstore is live, and we are hoping that that will be before the March 11th launch. But a better bet would be to pre-order them from a local game store if you really want them on release date. Thanks!

P.S. Please sign up here If you want to be notified when the new webstore goes live.