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These titles are classic Looney Labs fun, but with a more adult twist. Please put the kids to bed first, and play responsibly. Then enjoy an evening of laughter just for grown-ups!
mage of the game box for Drinking Fluxx with a background depicting a bar with 3 drinks: Coke, Wine, and Beer
Drinking Fluxx
  • $25.00
Image of the game box for Adult Mad Libs: The Game with a red background and black word balloons
Adult Mad Libs: The Game
  • $25.00


Image with two copies of the book Amsterdam Coffeeshops showing both the book front and an open book with 2 page spread
Amsterdam Coffeeshops
  • $40.00
  • $20.00
Image of game box for Stoner Fluxx featuring Kristin and Andy as stoners eating Pizza and Brownies with The Mooch
Stoner Fluxx
  • $20.00
Image of game box for Stoner Loonacy featuring rainbow tie dye with a white logo
Stoner Loonacy
  • $10.00
Contents image for Secret Stash Pack showing the 4 cards: Secret Stash, Hash, Stash of Hash, and Hash Pipe
Secret Stash Pack
  • $2.00
Promo card image for Carl Sagan's Joint showing a green card with an illustration of a NASA ashtray with joints in it
Carl Sagan's Joint
  • $1.00