Print & Play

Below are links to games and game expansions with PDF files you can download and print yourself!

  • The Closest Ghost: Although originally created as a game for Looney Pyramids, it's easy to use other objects as substitutes. What makes this game super fun is that it also uses small pieces of real candy!
  • IceToids: This fun little game was also designed for Looney Pyramids but can be played without them. Instead you will need flat tokens that represent pyramids, which you can make yourself along with the tiles themselves for this print and play game you can store in a mint tin!
  • Choose Two: This print-and-play expansion for Choose One makes our party game playable with just 2 people!
  • Peaceful Homeworlds: Here you will find the rules to a new variant to Homeworlds that Andy has been working on.

Of course, no discussion of our Print & Play options would be complete without mentioning the many rulesheets available for our pyramid games. Technically they aren’t really P&Ps because you’ll need some combination of our pyramids to play them, but for many of the hundreds of pyramid games that have now been invented, the only physical rulesheets are the ones you print yourself.