About Us

Looney Labs was founded in 1997 by two former NASA engineers named Looney. The husband and wife team have been creating fun ever since, with Andy inventing the games, and Kristin running the company. Along with the help of four other full-time employees, several part-timers, and an army of fans, the Looneys are changing the way you play!

Here's a look at our team during one of our now-normal video meetings:

Looney Labs team on Zoom


As a company, we pride ourselves not only on creating quality products and entertaining experiences with excellent customer service, but also on building community, encouraging social equality, and being environmentally responsible.


Our card games have just the right mix of luck, skill, and laughter; our pyramid games are an abstract challenge for brains of every development level. 


Whether in person, via Zoom, or on social media, the Looneys have a way of bringing people together, and our fans have a way of making them feel at home once they’re there. Join our FaceBook Chatter Group! 

Black Lives Matter


Looney Labs wants and welcomes everyone who wants to play a game—including women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, and all ages, religions, and ability levels, and we attempt to represent these groups in our games. 


Looney Labs donates a portion of our proceeds to environmental charities, packages our games in small footprint recycled cardboard, and ensures the safety level of our inks and plastics. We are truly hippies at heart.