Digital Fun

We make tabletop games, but we also provide some fun things to do on your computer -- including digital versions of our games!

Digital Versions of our Games

Fluxx App: iOS or Android
Play Fluxx or Zombie Fluxx on your smartphone!
Several of our games are available now or being playtested for release soon, including Just Desserts, Get the MacGuffin,  and Fluxx! A bunch of our pyramid games have been available for a long time at this asynchronous play website, including Homeworlds and Volcano, two of the most popular games at the site
Homeworlds Live
A real-time web-based implementation of Homeworlds now in beta testing. Join in the discussions about it on the Homeworlds Discord server!


Other Digital Fun

Jigsaw Puzzles
We have dozens of digital puzzles with our game artwork! 
Zoom Backgrounds
Add a little Looneyness to your next video-call!
Coloring Pages
If you enjoy coloring, check these out!
Fun notes to send a friend any day of the year!
Posters Print a poster or three for your walls!
Dized This free app contains 2 tutorials and 4 rule sets for Looney Labs games... and more on the way!
Animal Crossing (ACNH) Use Dream Code DA-3354-3414-4055 to visit the Looney Labs island. Don't forget to grab a T-shirt for your character!
Logo Mosaic Made by Katia Howatson of Board Game Art Creations, this mosaic includes over a hundred purple game pieces from a wide variety of games. Have fun exploring the image!
Sleep with Me This episode of this popular podcast is a Chrononauts unboxing... sleepy style!