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Gameschooling simply means using games to teach and learn. All of our games teach strategic thinking, social skills, and more. But some of our games are specifically intended to support learning of a particular subject, while still being tons of fun.

Image of game box for Martian Chess showing red logo and black pyramids on blue and orange chessboard
Martian Chess
  • $22.00
Display box with 4 Looney Pyramids games including Nomids, Ice Duo, Martian Chess, and Homeworlds
Pyramid Quartet with Silver Pieces
  • $88.00
Image of game box for Nomids with colorful logo showing a tree of all 10 colors of pyramids
  • $22.00
Image of game box for Ice Duo with logo showing intertwined rings in multiple shades of blue
Ice Duo
  • $22.00
Image of the game box for Are You The Traitor featuring an evil looking traitor brandishing a knife
Are You The Traitor?
  • $20.00
Image of the game box for Get the MacGuffin with a green and blue box with hands exchanging two suitcases
Get the MacGuffin
  • $10.00
Contents image for Pink Hijinks showing the bag, board, 9 pink pyramids, and the pyramid die
Pink Hijinks
  • $12.00
Image of game box for French Retro Loonacy with brown retro colors and images
French Retro Loonacy
  • $20.00
Box image of Russian Loonacy with an orange box with little circles full of images from the game
Russian Loonacy
  • $20.00
Image of game box for Olympus Loonacy with a silver blue background and images of 6 of the Gods and Goddesses
Olympus Loonacy
  • $20.00