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This page contains all the things that GO INTO or is used with another one of our games. In some cases, they quite literally GO IN (as in, how the ELBS go into the volcano boards). In other cases, it's things that Accessorize other things...   


Product image of our Chessboard Bandana with a fancy black and white border and chessboard squares
Chessboard Bandana
  • $10.00
Photo of the 6 Pyramid Arcade Custom Dice showing the 4 black and 2 white dice
Pyramid Arcade Custom Dice (9)
  • $8.00
Front cover of the book Playing With Pyramids showing two people playing with pyramids in front of a Martian landscape
Playing With Pyramids
  • $12.00
Cover image of thePyramid Arcade Book showing retro futuristic styling
Pyramid Arcade Book
  • $10.00
Contents image for Zark City Deck showing a little black tuck box, the deck, and 3 sample square playing cards
Zark City Deck
  • $10.00
Image of the Starship Captain Coin showing both the back It's My Turn side and a pyramid starship on the front side
Starship Captain Coin
  • $12.00
Photo of Ice Dice Dice showing 2 dice, one with pyramids, one with colorful circles
Ice Dice Dice (2)
  • $2.00

Sold out

Photo of a 3x4 Board with black edges and white squares
3x4 Board
  • $10.00
Photo of aTreehouse Die with white letters on black die showing: AIM, WILD, and DIG
Treehouse Die
  • $1.00
Photo of the Pyramid Arcade Coin showing It's My Turn etched into one side
Pyramid Arcade Coin
  • $5.00
Image of the Pyramid Arcade Volcano Board showing the all white board with 25 square indentations
Pyramid Arcade Volcano Board
  • $10.00
Image of the Pyramid Arcade Wheel Board showing the all white board with 40 triangular indentations
Pyramid Arcade Wheel Board
  • $14.00
Photo of a Mega Volcano Board 6x6 with black edges and white squares
Mega Volcano Board 6x6
  • $30.00
Photo of a Deluxe Volcano Board 5x5 with black edges and white squares
Deluxe Volcano Board 5x5
  • $20.00