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This page contains all the things that GO INTO or is used with another one of our games. In some cases, they quite literally GO IN (as in, how the ELBS go into the volcano boards). In other cases, it's things that Accessorize other things...   


Contents image for Pyramid Arcade Bonus Cards showing the 12 cards that come in the pack
Pyramid Arcade Bonus Cards
  • $5.00
Promo card image for Lava Flows Card showing the front of card with a large white and small black pyramid
Lava Flows Card
  • $1.00

Sold out

Promo card image for Bowler Rink Card showing the front of card with 3 red pyramids and a die knocking them over
Bowler Rink Card
  • $1.00
Contents image for Pyramid Quartet Cards showing the card for Nomids plus 3 of the new Twin Win cards
Pyramid Quartet Cards
  • $5.00