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New This Past Year

You will find everything that is new in our product line in the past year (or so) here!
Camping Fluxx
  • $20.00
Fluxx The Board Game 3D Box showing tiles and pawns.
Fluxx: The Board Game
  • $25.00
Around the World Fluxx
  • $20.00
Image of game box for Across America Fluxx with a mountain and sky background and an illustration of people driving in a car packed for a road trip.
Across America Fluxx
  • $20.00
Solo Fluxx Playmat showing card type placement and rules with a Purple Tie Die background.
Solo Fluxx Playmat
  • $20.00
Image of game box for Monster Fluxx with a purple box, yellow logo, and images of a Skeleton, Dracula, and Frankenstein's Monster
Monster Fluxx
  • $20.00
Image of game box for Tiny Fluxx showing a tiny white box with 5 images: Ant, Candy, CPU, Lady Bug, Chocolate Chip
Tiny Fluxx
  • $5.00
Image of game box for Fluxx Remixx with a light blue background and a yellow image of the Sun
Fluxx Remixx
  • $20.00