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Image of the foil packaging for Fluxx Blanxx Expansion with a colorful FLUXX logo and an image of 5 mostly blank cards
Fluxx Blanxx Expansion
  • $5.00
Image of the game box for Astronomy Fluxx with a black background, blue logo, and images of 8 planets
Astronomy Fluxx
  • $20.00
Image of the game box for Nature Fluxx with a brown signpost, brick wall, butterfly, lady bug, and yellow flower
Nature Fluxx
  • $20.00
Image of the game box for Chemistry Fluxx with blue and white box, green logo, and images of chemical elements
Chemistry Fluxx
  • $20.00
Contents image for First Edition Eco Fluxx showing 4 cards including Bears, Extinction, Composting, and Fish Eat Worms
First Edition Eco Fluxx
  • $12.00