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Special Gifts for UK customers

Back in 2021, as we celebrated our 25th anniversary, Looney Labs offered two items free with any purchase - available while supplies lasted. At the time, we were not shipping to the UK (due to issues with VAT tax stuff) but we saved back some of both items for when we fixed the issue.  It took way too long, but we are finally shipping to the UK again - and we have gifts for our UK customers! PLEASE don't order these if you are not in the UK...  even if you also missed them before... at least until our UK fans have had a chance to claim their gifts. 

Image of game box for Silver Jubilee Gift with the Tiny Fluxx logo and images of Ant, Candy, Lady Bug, Computer Chip, and Chocolate Chip
Silver Jubilee Marketing Materials (with UK orders only)
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Drawing of a Holiday Gift showing a green box with a red ribbon and bow
2021 Holiday Marketing Materials (with UK orders only)
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