Wholesale Registration

Setting up a buyer login for your store will allow you to:

  • See shipment status and tracking numbers
  • See payment status and outstanding invoices
  • See past purchase history (starting in June 2021)
  • Access stock from the warehouse that has most of our inventory
  • Order many items not available in normal distribution
  • Place orders anytime day or night in your pajamas!

If your store has never sold our games before (or you sell them but you have never had any email communications with Looney Labs) please start by filling out THIS FORM to tell us about your store and give us everything we need to get you set up in our system.

Stores who already sell our games can request retailer access to buy direct via this online store by filling out the form below. Only one email address can be linked to each store, so this process should be completed by the BUYER who will be placing the orders. [Contact Us if you need to change the buyer associated with your store.]

You can expect to get an email back from us with an account activation link within a few business days. Feel free to email (retailers@looneylabs.com) or call Alison at (301) 441-1019 for an update if you are in a hurry.


You will not see retailer pricing until we approve your account! Once we approve your account for wholesale access, logging in and clicking the RETAILERS tab in the menu will get you access to retailer specific links.

If you are interested, you can also Apply for NET 30 Terms

Thank you for wanting to sell Looney Labs games in your store!