Peace Puzzle Half Price ($3!) for International Peace Day!

TLDR: Thank you, wonderful peaceful fans! Now through the end of September, the Peace Puzzle is 50% off... just $3! Happy Peace Day!


Happy International Peace Day! We at Looney Labs have been strong advocates for peace for a long time. We're "that hippie game company" that signs our letters "Peace, Love, and Chocolate!" Sure, that's cute and all, but we really are serious about our desire for world peace, and we have built that into our three core values.

First is Building Community. We believe that all our lives are improved immensely by having a strong social network. We also believe that spending time with people who are different from ourselves is the best way to build bridges of understanding and common goals. On a political level things can seem really polar sometimes, but on an individual level, our differences really aren't that big.

Second is Promoting Social Equality. When all people are treated equally, there will be little need for wars. When everyone is fed, clothed, housed, and respected, regardless of their race, religion, age, ability, gender, orientation, or any other arbitrary divider, peace will happen naturally. We work hard to make sure all feel welcome at our events and in our forums, and that all are represented in our games.

Finally, there's Environmental Responsibility. There cannot be peace where people don't feel safe. Debilitating heat waves, fires, storms, floods, droughts, and other climate related events have us all worried for our safety now and for the safety of our children in the future. We make our games with as small a footprint as we can, using recycled paper. Our Nature Fluxx game encourages environmental responsibility and part of the proceeds from that game are donated to environmental charities. Our office has gone paperless and we telecommute, reducing gas usage. We are doing all we can to ensure we can all "weather" the future in safety and peace.

Today, on International Peace Day, we'd like to ask you to think about what you can do in your local area or around the world to promote peaceful co-existence with all our neighbors and the planet itself. If you need some ideas, we think Kindspring has you covered!

And to celebrate all our wonderful fans, who truly are ambassadors of peace every day, we are offering our Peace Puzzle at 50% off, or just $3, now through the end of September! We have witnessed all of your kindnesses over and over, in the Facebook groups, at conventions all over the world, and in person in your living rooms and local game stores. We've seen you befriend bullies in the chats (or shut them down when needed), help each other find a game or promo card you're looking for, offer up your game designs for others to play, program our games into various sites and fun little diversions of all sorts, send cards and gifts of encouragement and thanks... you really are the best fans in the world, and we appreciate you!

Happy Peace Day!

Peace, Love, and Chocolate,

The Looneys and the whole gang

P.S. Don't forget to do your holiday shopping early, as prices are going up October 1st!