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• 80% Off for Retailers

These items are available to retailers at an 80% discount. We created them to be used promotionaly by us and/or by our retailers! We sometimes offer these items free as sales incentives, please ask if you have a promotion in mind and need a large quantity of giveaway items.  

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Image of the cover card for the Castle Expansion showing Monty Python Fluxx logo and small images of the cards in the pack
Castle Expansion
  • $3.00
Contents image for Fruitcake Fun Pack showing the 8 cards that come in the pack
Fruitcake Fun Pack
  • $3.00
Promo card image for Zombie Portal with a yellow stripe, NEW RULE header, and text explaining you can flip the top card if you have a Zombie
Zombie Portal
  • $1.00
Promo card image for Little Groot with a green stripe, KEEPER header, and a picture of Little Groot
Little Groot
  • $1.00
Image of the foil packaging for Fluxx Sham-Bo showing images of Rock, Paper, and Scissors
Fluxx Sham-Bo
  • $5.00
Cover image of the expansion Sandships featuring an orange and black circular logo
  • $5.00
Product image for Martian Coasters showing colorful boards and logo
Martian Coasters
  • $6.00
Cover image of thePyramid Arcade Book showing retro futuristic styling
Pyramid Arcade Book
  • $10.00
Image of the foil packaging for PB&J Fun Pack showing images of jars of Peanut Butter and Jelly
PB&J Fun Pack
  • $5.00
Contents image for Choose One Pack with images of the 7 cards that come in the pack
Choose One Pack
  • $2.00
Photo of our Generic Display covered in purple and blue tie dye with Looney Labs logo
Generic Display
  • $5.00